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Snuggle Seat Bean Bag Lasts from Newborn to 8 Years Old
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Snuggle Seat is Waterproof for Bathroom use
Snuggle Seat Adapts
As Your Little One Grows
Snuggle Seat Adapts for Your Baby
What's Included In a Snuggle Seat
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Designed By Us - Chosen By Parents
Ice Blue Snuggle Seat - Top Boys Pick
2 in 1 Baby & Toddler Bean Bag
RRP 89.99 Now Only 49.99
2 Removable Covers and Fast Shipping
Marshmallow Fluff Pink and white Snuggle Seat baby bean bag
2 in 1 Baby & Toddler Bean Bag
RRP 89.99 Now Only 49.99
2 Removable Covers and Fast Shipping
Sandstone Brown and Beige Snuggle Seat
2 in 1 Baby & Toddler Bean Bag
RRP 89.99 Now Only 49.99
2 Removable Covers and Fast Shipping
Ultra-Light, Waterproof & Wipe Clean
Baby bean bag in the bedroom
Sure There are Other Seats - But Not Like This!
Most baby seats are just that - a seat that only lasts for babies. You’re lucky if that rocker lasts til your little bundle of joy is 12 months
This is where Snuggle Seat is different - with adjustable bean filling and a special cover designed for babies and another for toddlers and older kids, Snuggle Seat lasts up to 8 Years old!
You might now be thinking that there are other Baby & Toddler Bean Bags on the Market and you’d be right. BUT - we pitted Snuggle Seat in Blind Tests with Real Mums against the 3 other popular baby bean bags - including one that costs almost 3 x The Price of Snuggle Seat. Can you guess which one Won? Snuggle Seat of course! 
If you don’t want to take our word for it though, we give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so that you can see just how Great Snuggle Seat is!
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Pick The Design That Suits Your Baby & Home
As parents, we know all too well the expense of having a magical new arrival! Whether you need to get a fancy new pram that they grow out of in 12 months, or just stocking up on nappies, it all really adds up. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the awesome guys and gals over at Payl8r, to help you spread the cost of Snuggle Seat.

At only £49.99 it may not be the first thing that you’d think of financing, but it really can make life easier. Plus it gives you the added peace of mind that you’ll have your Snuggle Seat Baby Bean Bag before any money has left the bank (because let’s face it, it can be difficult to know who to trust online nowadays).

You can spread your payment for Snuggle Seat a bit like you would with a catalogue and pay over as long as 9 months (perfect timing for baby, right?), from as little as £6.06 per month. Don’t worry though if you’d rather pay for your order right away, we also offer PayPal for Super Secure payments either through your PayPal account or with your Debit/Credit card.

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Snuggle Seat Bean Bag Lasts from Newborn to 8 Years Old
spread the cost with payl8r
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Why Choose Snuggle Seat

Perfect From 0 to 8

With 2 removable covers: one with a harness for newborns & one without a harness for toddlers

Trusted by Parents

We’ve rigorously test the Snuggle Seat range with Hundreds of Parents helping us to achieve perfection

FAST Snuggle Delivery

Get you brand new Snuggle Seat and Accessories Delivered QUICK, ready for your little one

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Top Snuggle Picks

These gorgeous designs have been chosen by the Snuggle Family as our favourite designs. They are set to sell out fast. So if your favourite style is here, order it now to avoid missing out and having to wait for the next line of stock to arrive!

Innovative 2018 Design

Snuggle Seat brings in a new era of baby bean bags. Our family have scrutinised every detail of our bean bags to develop an all new seat, providing superior comfort & safety for your little one. We know that your baby deserves the best - that is why we have launched Snuggle Seat! Here are just some of the outstanding new features not available on any other baby bean bag on the market today. Plus for a limited time, you can treat your baby for less, with £30 OFF all of our Baby Bean Bags:

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