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About The Original Snuggle Seat

The Original Snuggle Seat is the all new Baby Bean Bag designed for the modern family, with a keen sense of style. Our bean bag chairs are a cosy place to relax for children from newborn, with our quick release padded harness cover, right the way up to 8 years old, with the non-harness cover making up their own personal seat.

These two removable covers simply zip on and off within a few quick moments, allowing you to adapt the level of beans kept securely in the inner-filling bag. The harnessed newborn cover features all new innovations in the baby bean bag market, with a state-of-the-art quick release buckle.

Our quick release buckle makes it easy to fit your baby into their Snuggle Seat with one hand (as we know often when being a parent two hands can be a luxury). Additionally our quick release buckle provides maximum safety enabling you to get your baby out of their snuggle seat in half the time of a traditional baby bean bag in case of an emergency, as the safety of your little one is critical to us.

Our newborn cover also features a unique triple layer foam bumper, giving an even softer place for little heads to rest, whilst keeping them securely nested inside a safety ring. With Snuggle Seat innovations, your baby is always resting in the safest baby bean bag!

Our second cover zips on once your baby is able to support themselves sitting up and with a reduced bean filling enables them to use Snuggle Seat as a lightweight chair that they can carry around the house up until the age of 8. Whether they are reading a book or watching the telly, your child will always be comfiest with a Snuggle Seat.

Both top covers on our Snuggle Seats feature a padded concealed zip, to eliminate the common issue on other baby bean bags of scratching sensitive skin on the zip. The concealed zip also creates a more complete look, making our baby & toddler bean bags a more refined piece of furniture, fit for your home.

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The Snuggle Story

Snuggle Seat was founded by real mums and dads. We all have young kids and have gone through practically every baby product on the market today. In our time, one thing we have all agreed on is that whilst we (and our children) loved the various bean bags that were available at the time, they were all either far too garish to be inkeeping with our homes, or they lacked key functionality and safety features. One thing was clear, although baby bean bags were a great product, they were far from perfect!

So, we got our heads together. Over countless cups of tea and (probably far more) glasses of wine, we got to a stage where we believed we had really come up with something special. None of us are keen on blowing our own trumpets, but by this point we were certain we had come up with the initial concept for the perfect baby & toddler bean bag.

From that first outline with pen and paper, the Snuggle Family dedicated months, juggling our day-to-day jobs and responsibilities, to develop our vision. It took us 14 samples, endless tweaks and a good few sleepless nights, but eventually we really cracked it! We had the formula for the perfect baby seat. But it was not yet a Snuggle Seat.

Whilst we had perfected everything from shape through to materials, and even our innovative quick release buckle, we had not yet mastered the styling. As you will see from our range of products, style is a big part of what makes Snuggle Seat so special.

We took inspiration from fashion, nature and the latest home furnishing trends. By the end of all that, we had over 100 different colour combinations. Whilst we were happy with them all, we knew we simply could not take that many to market. We learnt a lot about minimum order quantities, material usage optimisation and much more for the production process and from that we realised we could not even begin with 20 designs. After a lot of pleading and bargaining, we all finally agreed on our best combinations and so today, we are now pleased to deliver up the ultimate range of baby bean bags, from our family to yours - The Original Snuggle Seat

Filling Your Baby Bean Bag

Caring For Your Snuggle Seat

In order for your Snuggle Seat to deliver maximum comfort for your baby with their Snuggle Seat, it is important to clean it regulrly to make materials stay soft and gentle on their skin. That is why we have made it quick and simple to wash your baby bean bag.

Simply zip off whichever top cover you are using and remove the inner filling bag, allowing it to breathe. Next you can clean the base. Both the nylon and rubber type materials of the base can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. We recommend using a gentle upholstery cleaner spray, along with warm water to keep your Snuggle Seat base at its cleanest. Allow the Snuggle Seat base to air dry in a spacious room, without folding or creasing.

Now you can wash the top cover. Simply hand wash in luke warm water with a mild laundry detergent. Ensure that all parts of the cover are thoroughly soaked. Do not use any abrasives to scrub the cover. Instead lightly rub the fabric in between your hands to ensure that all parts of it are well cleaned. Once soaked and washed fully, air dry either outside or in a large dry roam with flowing air.

In between full washes, thanks to our waterproof design, you can use a splash of water and a non-abrasive sponge to clean off any dirt or mess.


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