Those newborn baby days are valuable. They're over so quickly and before you even realise it you're celebrating your child's first birthday.
1. Allow Help. 
If people offer to hold your newborn while you shower, or offer to make you a cup of tea, do some washing or make you dinner, always say yes! They wouldn't offer in the event that they would not like to help and you'll feel so grateful later. 
2. Take Advice On The Chin. 
All of a sudden, everyone you realize will try and offer you advice and have an opinion on how you manage being a parent to your child. Discover what works best for you, settle on your own choices and don't stress over upsetting others on the off chance that you choose to accomplish things differently to them. 
3. Try not to Worry About Cleaning Up For Guests. 
Your home may be bombarded with guests for a few weeks but there should be no worry to clean in anticipation. The dishes and the washing can wait. You never know, a visitor may offer to do it for you! Instead, You can spend that little extra time sleeping or bonding with your baby. 
4. Rest When You Can. 
It'll feel like the entire world is telling you this in those initial couple of weeks, banking in those extra hours can truly help during those night feeds. Try not to worry however, restless nights aren’t forever! 
5. Breastfeeding Can Be Hard, Even Though It Is The Most Natural Thing In The World. 
Try not to beat yourself up if you feel like it's not working for you. If your struggling and need to carry on, there are some amazing breastfeeding specialists available to help you, just ask your doctors about them!
6. do not to Ignore Baby Blues. 
Having a feeling that you can't cope doesn't make you an awful parent and it's perfectly normal to feel this way. Your hormones are doing a great deal of re-adjusting. Talking with somebody at an early stage truly makes a difference. 
7. Attempt To Get Some Couple Time. 
Cuddling, holding hands and even talking with your partner may take a back seat for a while. A few fathers feel somewhat disregarded post-baby. Attempt to go out together on a date. Time away together can truly strengthen your bond. 
8. Exercise. 
The last thing you need to do following two hours sleep is a workout. In any case, a basic walk or some delicate exercise can really give you bounds of very much needed energy and the release of endorphins to slam those baby blues. 
9. Take Your Baby Outside Everyday. 
You may feel like you exist in your own little bubble for those initial couple of weeks post-baby. Regardless of whether it's only a stroll around the block, the natural air and a difference in view can make you have an inclination that you're a piece of the real world again. 
10. Get Some Baby-Free 'You' Time. 
Regardless of whether it's only a solo trip to the shop to get some milk. You will feel restored (and somewhat bizarre) to be out alone.