Give Them Your Phone! 

It is horrible enough having children in the car distracting you yet if you have a phone, at that point the distraction is far worse.

So why not solve two problems at once and give the phone to your kids and let them mess around on it, watch a video or control the music by means of it. I have been educated in modern-day music by giving my little boy a chance to play music! 

Keep Them Entertained 

I have always allowed phones and tablets in the car (I think it is a massive advantage for keeping children quiet) yet we have some low tech activities that also get them to 'unplug' on travels and additionally keep them engaged. 

Feed And Water Them

Eating and drinking is an amazing method to keep children occupied and also who wants to have hangry and argumentative kids in the back of their car. We will usually freeze some water for when we are going on a long trip so they have cold beverages. 

Get Reinforcements 

Take another grown-up with you and make them responsible. I know this isn't always able to happen however it truly makes a huge difference on the off chance that it can happen.


 Plan in rest stops for longer trips. Plan your route so you don't get stressed. Plan what you need to take with you. planning makes all the above feasible and subsequently, makes going with kids such a great deal less stressful