1. Write down your goals
I find that it's not difficult to become caught up with my plan for the day and disregard some of my daily goals. If you write your more long term objectives you are considerably more likely to accomplish them and I've certainly seen this as the case throughout the years. Regardless of whether it's tied in with getting a promotion, setting up your own business or taking your blog to the next level. It’s important to focus on both short-term and long-term objectives so you stay motivated and centered. 
2. Limit interruptions 
At the point when our work expects us to sit at a computer, there are literally unlimited amounts of distractions offered by the internet. Likewise, I have my cell phone on the work area which would always divert me with online networking warnings.  As of late begun to turn my phone on to flight mode when working and to focus on only each assignment in turn.  
3. Get a decent night's rest 
I've generally been all the more a 'night owl' than a morning person. When I first started working from home I'd plan to work for a couple of hours at night – just to end up working at 1am. I discovered this as absolutely counter-profitable as the following day I'd feel lazy and be far less gainful. 
4. Set time limits for each assignment 
It's been demonstrated that on the off chance that you give yourself less time (than you maybe would do normally) to finish a task, you will commonly finish it significantly faster. I find that I work so much effectively when given a tight cutoff time – without a cutoff time, I will in generally stall and over-think. 
5. Take some break 
Normal coffee breaks are an absolute necessity for me. I additionally take a walk two times every day to get fresh air. In the event that I don't take breaks I find that I start looking out of the window or for my phone to take a look at those online life refreshes… it's totally counter-profitable.