1. At the point when you are attempting to get somebody to simply PUT THEIR BLOODY SHOES ON, seconds transform into loooong minutes. You will be late. But, two hour snoozes fly past in a matter of seconds. Positively NO opportunity to clean up which is without a doubt what I do in naptime. I totally don't creep into bed and make up for lost time.
2. You can really determine what somebody has needed to eat by their poop. I'll leave it at that.
3. Most things you say to a two year old are essentially WRONG. 
for example:
Me-' Do you need the blue bowl or the yellow bowl?' 
Give him the blue bowl 
Him-'No need that one' 
points at the yellow bowl. 
Me-'That is the yellow one' 
Him-'No it it isnt, it's boo'. 
To him, I am an annoying sidekick tailing him around and telling him stuff he believes is completely wrong.
As a matter of fact, that sidekick would be somewhat annoying. 
4. There is nothing heavier and more awkward to carry than a newborn’s car seat and a toddler having a tantrum.
5. Stuff that should be 'regular' doesn't feel natural. Did I give birth 'naturally'? I mean… it didn't feel extremely normal to me is all I'm saying. natural to me means trees and creatures. Natural isn't having something in your stomach leave the littlest hole of your body. 
6. A few people are worth the unlimited days, restless evenings and the backbreaking carrying. I wouldn't do this gig for any other person.