I have come to realise that we as mums will try anything and everything to keep our children in a comfortable sleep as soon as they're settling down. I myself as a mother of four have tried countless gimmicks to ensure my child (and myself) each get a decent sleep without too any disturbances. Once I even attempted to iron the moses basket sheet to make it feel warm when I lay down my precious newborn, long story short, it didn't work.

I frequently read into online mummy gatherings and blogs and I always see pleads from new mums asking how they can encourage their child to lay in their cot/Moses basket. The miserable truth is you truly can't. Swaddling can support a few children anyway, a newborn is used to the composition of the belly, and this is completely different to any other surface in the external world.

The Moro Reflex, also known as the startle reflex, doesn’t integrate until 3-4months old, so when a baby is moved from being held to laying down, the reflex can be initiated. This can make the baby feel like it is falling.  A baby under 3-4 months has no limb control so once those arms startle and begin to flail the baby feels physically more insecure, causing them to cry and ultimately remain awake (along with everybody else).

When you hold your infant, you contain the arms and legs, and the moro reflex is contained. A decent stretchy wrap/sling can at any time get you your hands free whist infant is in this position. This is additionally where swaddling can be valuable. Swaddling isn't a hands free choice, you have to swaddle, shake and quiet yet when you go to lay infant down, if those arms are contained well in a swaddle, that moro reflex is likewise contained, so infant may not frighten/wake.